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ETHŌ, front on shot of perfume bottle



Fit for the sage. A desire to heal and unveil the nature of one's heart; for seekers of higher consciousness, clarity, and creativity; meant to inspire meditation and spiritual practice, the scent of tranquility.

Influenced by ancient rituals and sacred ceremonies.


+Aroma Profile: Cleansing, grounding, elegant.

+Experience: Reminiscent of sacred spaces. Rich and grounded at its base, ascending through layers of cleansing botanicals, topped with the subtly of Bulgarian Rose.


+Ingredients: Bulgarian Rose, Frankincense, Sandalwood, Himalayan Cedar, Sage, Birch Tar, Tobacco, Golden Jojoba Oil 


Our perfumes are hand blended in small batches from ethically sourced and sustainably harvested botanicals.

​​All ingredients are organic or wildcrafted. All natural; no additives, ever.