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About Us

Fractal Forest was born out of a need for healing and a desire to share the ecological intelligence and the archetypal wisdom of the plants. Every product that we sell has its genesis in our own healing journeys— the plants and superfoods we source and alchemize into Fractal Forest creations have all personally enhanced our physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. These are plants we have experimented with for years, plants we work with daily, plants we deeply understand, plants that have changed our lives. Now it is our intention to share them with you.
Founders Kayra Prentice and Xela Ray found solace and purpose in plants separately before uniting in Kauai to create Fractal Forest. It is their dream to connect humanity with the living sentience that sustains all of life so that we can become more embodied participants within the web of life.
“When my father was diagnosed with cancer, I began to explore alternative ways of healing, primarily concentrating on plant-based diets and the restorative effects of CBD. I focused on the detoxifying and regenerative modalities that encourage the intelligence of the body to heal itself, and began crafting  my own CBD products; products I could trust.”
-Xela (Co-Founder) 
“My father studied botany and shared his extensive knowledge and love of plants with me throughout my childhood. I discovered a sense of deep comfort in the natural world—in the ways it can assist our healing, and the ways in which we depend on it. While studying biology and sustainable agriculture at UC Santa Cruz, I became aware of the current challenges we face as a culture. I began studying herbalism and ethnobotany in hopes to offer healing support with sustainably sourced plant medicine, and educate them on the ancient traditions and rituals that inspire these practices. Soon after meeting Xela, his father passed, and we both dedicated our lives to the healing remedies we believed in to help others connect with their truest vitality.”
-Kayra (Co-Founder)